its the continue version of Naruto Shipudden serries just all the old characters are dead and now new ninja are born through a bloodlines (uchiha, Hyuuga, ect)
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 Akatetsu Bloodline\Clan

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Akatetsu No Yami

Akatetsu No Yami

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PostSubject: Akatetsu BloodlineClan   Akatetsu Bloodline\Clan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 1:22 am



effect-Transform into Half Human Half Vampire what gices him the ability to jump high and strong punches, when bitten an enemy than he can use the enemys blood to heal his own injuries!

Distinction-Big sharp tooth,sharp claws,Change of voice and muscular body whit darker skinand Dark red eyes!

Levels:3 levels
Level 1:!Hatomu!Dark circle appears under the user(Must meditade in it)
Level 2:!Hasashi!Shield comes over the circle protecting the one inside.
Level 3:!RAGOITO TETSU!!The transmutation starts.

Bloodline Creator-ONe of the Ancestors made a deal whit the devil to have a Second life but for that they needed blooooood!

Clan HistoryThe Akatetsu Clan has been in the world for 10 000 years theyhave lived in peace but now the others have tryed to eliminate the clan forever but never achived but now there are raised some clans that may wipe out the Whole vampire race! And thats why Yami has been sealed whit the curse and made to continue the clan!
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Suki Naki

Suki Naki

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PostSubject: Re: Akatetsu Bloodline\Clan   Akatetsu Bloodline\Clan Icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2009 4:54 am

I'm sorry but I have to say: Declined
because its kinda pushing modding
tell me some disadvantages and then I may be able to approve

waiting for him, my king, my love, my shika
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Akatetsu Bloodline\Clan
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